Design Objective

Design a product or service for an underserved demographic, those who are "aging in place."


Facebook Tv is a new application that is partnered with Netflix to create another new way for us to engage with others.


There are many of us out there who could benefit from socializing a little more, myself included. But we found there was a large population of people struggling with anxiety and depression but more as a result from their fights against osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis is a disease that causes the continuous loss of bone mass overtime. While there is no cure, but can be managed with medicines, the anxiety of falling and possibly being bed-ridden for life is a real worry. It can cause isolation due to the fact they may not leave their homes for days at a time because the fear of falling.


Facebook Tv allows these people with osteoporosis an opportunity to have some social interaction on those hard days, by getting to video/audio chat with Facebook friends and even invite each other to watch their favorite shows or movies on Netflix. 


Reduce the risk of falling

Facilitate social interaction

Delivery "Tech Elementary" solution

In Collaboration with:

                             Tommy Carroll - UX/UI Designer

                             Cody Eanes     - UX/UI Designer

Wireframe Designs