I'm Trevor Naughton, an experienced craftsman of fine arts and aspiring UX/UI designer. I spent years designing and creating ceramic beer steins that are meant for use, with textures and designs that beg to be used. Whether I'm working with clay or pixels,  I strive to use these principles of functional and intentional to make stuff people want to interact with.


I have an immense love of creating variations and iterations of the project I work on. Creating replicas of the original but with an added feature, whether functional or design. Seeing each variation of a project from its origin grow and become something more than it previously was, brings me an indescribable joy.


I also have a great passion for video games, playing them, talking about them, researching them. I find myself always picking fellow players' brains whenever there is an update to a game. Always trying to find out what each player likes or dislikes about any given aspect of the new iteration.  And contemplating on how effective these new iterations are.